Monsters of Magic Telecall Series with Dr. Dain Heer


6-part Teleseries from May 2016

What if you ARE a monster — a monster of magic?

Pre-Requisites: The Foundation (previously Foundation & Level 1) As soon as we verify your pre-requisites we will email you with the digital downloads.

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Product Information

Is there a part of you that somewhere, deep inside, believe that you’re actually a…MONSTER? And how much energy have you been spending hiding that from the world?

Here is the question: What if you ARE a monster — a monster of magic?

What if that “monster" you are so afraid of being and exposing, is the most beautiful, gentle, kind, caring, potent invitation to a greater possibility that this world has ever seen?

Most of us judge and hide the thing that is so beautiful about us, the thing that would change this world for the greater, because it’s totally inconceivable to this reality.

Where could you be, if you gave up hiding?
What could be unleashed if the secrets no longer had to be protected?
Who would come out if you tore down the wall you put up to protect the world from you?

What if all that energy you’re spending hiding your monster is what is actually required to create the world you’ve always hoped for could come into existence?

You’re invited to become the walking, talking, soaring Monster of Magic you truly are in a new six part telecall series with Dr Dain Heer.

This call is not about exploring your problems - your problems are only capacities you have not acknowledged. This call is an invitation to explode into everything you are truly capable of!

This call is for the monsters, the seekers and the dreamers: the ones who are here to create a totally different future.

Are you ready to BE the magic that is inconceivable and beyond this reality?

Monsters unite!

How does it work?

During this telecall series you will receive hundreds of tools and Access Consciousness® processing that will open the door to things that you may have never considered possible. Dr. Dain Heer will work with everyone on the call to create greater possibilities in all areas of life.

With each telecall you will receive "homeplay" designed to expand the change that is possible from the 90 minute call. You will also receive an mp3 loop of weekly processes recorded by Dain that you can listen to at night for even deeper change. Anything that is standing in the way of you expressing your true greatness is up for change.


  • 6 x Calls
  • 6 x Clearing Loops
  • 6 x Written Clearings