The Code of Allowance Teleseries with Gary M. Douglas


3-part Teleseries from April 2016

Pre-Requisites: The Foundation (previously Foundation & Level 1) This is not an automatic download. Once your prerequisites are verified we will email you a link with the digital downloads.

  • 3 x Calls
  • 1 Clearing Loop of all 3 Calls
  • 3 x Written Clearings
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    Product Information

    You have to have your own code of honour. If you have allowance of others then you will create, and if you don’t have allowance of others then you won’t. The code of allowance is where you allow things to be what they are, where you don’t require anything of anyone or anything other than that; judgment ceases.


    • 3 x Calls
    • 3 x Clearing Loops
    • 3 x Written Clearings