Happiness is Just a Choice Intro with Gary M. Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer

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Do you wake up happy every day? Or do you wake up with a truckload of depression, judgment, worry and anxiety weighing you down and keeping you stuck and unhappy?

"If you could see how amazing you are as a being, as a person, and as a contribution in life, then you would have no excuse for being unhappy." - Gary Douglas

Have you ever really looked at what it would take for you to be happy? If your first thought was for something or someone else to change, it is possible you have never been willing to see the magnificence of you! If you would see how grand and glorious you truly are, you would not be able to find a reason to be unhappy! And you would absolutely never allow someone else to ‘make’ you unhappy!

Wow! That is a totally different point of view to what you usually hear about happiness… and what if it could be true? What do you know?

“Happiness is the natural state you choose when you are not choosing against you.”- Dr Dain Heer

What if you didn’t have to work through all of the stuff that you think is making you unhappy? What if happiness is the choice that gifts you more and more of the true joy of you?

The greatest pollutions on planet earth are unhappiness, anger and sadness. What if you could change the world just by being happy? If you get happy, you create possibilities for changing every single thing you see as ‘wrong’! Would you be willing to be that contribution to our planet? Happiness is the choice that can change everything! Far beyond what you can imagine…