91 Days of Q by Mary-Jane Liddicoat


91 Days of Q (What's a Q? Great question!)

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91 Days of Q  (What's a Q? Great question!)

Are you new to living in the question? Do you find it a challenge to work out what question to ask? Do you know the difference between a question and a statement with a question mark attached? Or perhaps you have family, friends or clients who say to you “I love your questions...what are they again?” and so you print off yet another reference sheet?

If so, you might find it useful to have a pocket-sized collection of all the Access Consciousness® basic questions to change any situation.

91 Days of Q is a daily three-month collection of questions to help keep you in the zone. Each question is accompanied by examples and background for how and when you might use it...also filled with questions to keep you opening doors to possibilities.

Paperback, digital PDF and audio MP3 versions available. Are you an Access facilitator or online affiliate? Facilitators and affiliates commissions also available.

What others say:

“Everyone I know should read your book and join your Questions Club... You have an awesome way of reshaping how people ask questions so as to get what they truly want....”
JP, Queensland, Australia, Dec 2012


“Thank you so much for gifting us this book...it is such a great contribution, will defiantly recommend it to people in classes! It is so helpful, people are going to love it!”
MC, South Africa, Dec 2012


“I LOVE your book! This is the smallest, most unassuming book you will ever read -- and it packs a ton of information that you just have to sit with and let permeate your being! A book to be fully enjoyed in each and every moment that it invites you to.

Even with a 26 hour trip home; I am only 1/2 way done reading it because of the total invitation to just sit with each question. And I've been using many of the questions for over a year!

This book is a great introduction to the tools of Access Consciousness, without trying to sell Access. It is written in such a way that it is an invitation to everyone. I anticipate buying several copies for friends who actually have no interest in this outrageous stuff that I've been playing with. Thank you!”
AB, Alaska USA, Dec 2012


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About the author:

After decades of looking for answers, Mary-Jane realised there were none. Instead, she discovered the power of the question and how it was always a Q that helped create the changes she was looking for. This is the first collection of Qs selected from Mary-Jane's free online service The Daily Q.

Mary-Jane has over 25 years public and private sector professional experience including as a diplomat, in public affairs, ICT, business planning and health, beauty and wellness sectors. She has mastered Japanese, Arabic and Korean and somehow found time to raise three children. She now lives between Korea and Australia and is always asking "how does it get any better than this?" which seems to annoy quite a few people.