Conversations In Consciousness Telecall Series


This class is consciousness in action.

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Product Information

"Conversations in Consciousness is going to be a very different class. It's not going to be about so much about processing as it is about how to speak from a place of consciousness, how to look at things in your life from a conscious place, and how to change the point of view you have that is sticking you so that something will be different."   ~ Gary Douglas

This class is consciousness in action.  It is the way Gary looks at and applies the tools of Access to his life and how he gives advice to people in his life who ask for it. This is an advanced level teleclass. It is recommended to have attended a Level 2/3 class in the past 12 months or the new F/1 or a recent teleclass with Gary or Dain.

To hear Gary talk more about this class please click the link below.