Creating Greater Possibilities With Money Telecall Series


What if money wasn't the mysterious mythical beast we make it out to be? What if you could have ease with money? 9 Calls to change your financial reality!

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Facilitated by Access Consciousness founder, Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer.  What if money wasn’t the mysterious mythical beast we make it out to be?  What if we could generate money with ease?  What if we could create ever greater possibilities for our beautiful planet by generating an abundance of everything required?  What if it’s not only money that is required?

We have so many ingrained assumptions about money and how much we must have before we can change anything… What if our joy, our choices and possibilities can show up with or without money?  What if greater possibilities actually show up when we show up? Or would that be more abundance than you are willing to have?

When we peel away the layers of conditioning about how money drives everything we can start to have awareness of ALL of the possibilities and choices we have…  Have you ever looked at what you could create in the world if you had more money than you can spend and yet still never enough?  What if your choices were never based on money… what if…?

Are you willing to stop being at the effect of the economy, the government, the banks, your boss and yourcustomers spending habits?  Are you willing to make the demand of you to never use ‘no money’ as an excuse ever again?

This 9-part telecall series is facilitated by Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer.   If you are willing to receive money from a space of perceiving, knowing and being aware of your choices and possibilities, your money flows can be totally different!

Have you been asking for a totally different space with money and possibilities for your entire life?  Now is the time to choose new adventures that can create greater possibilities with money…  Changing our planet requires YOU to be different! What are you choosing?