Creating Greater Possibilities Telecall Series


What if everything we have been told about our beliefs creating our possibilities is a lie that keeps us limited and small?

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Facilitated by Access Consciousness founder, Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer.

What if everything we have been told about our beliefs creating our possibilities is a lie that keeps us limited and small? What if you didn’t have to make yourself believe (make-believe!!) something for it to show up with ease?

What if the key to creating greater possibilities has nothing to do with our imagination or our purpose, and everything to do with our willingness to ask questions and create and generate way beyond what we can imagine?

What if having greater possibilities in our life has nothing to do with manifesting? Have you ever wondered why manifesting doesn’t work for you?  We have been showered with so many ingrained assumptions about manifesting and how much work we must do before we can change anything…

What if our joy, our choices and possibilities can show up by us being more of who we truly are?  What if greater possibilities actually show up when we show up? Or would that be more ease and abundance than you are willing to have?? When we peel away the layers of conditioning about how we can have new possibilities show up with ease we can start to have awareness of ALL of the possibilities and choices we can create and generate into existence…

Have you ever looked at what you could create in the world if you could create and generate instantaneously, without limitation?   What if your choices were never based on the stuff that limits you… what if…??

Are you willing to stop being at the effect of the economy, the government, the banks, your boss, your enemies, family and friends?  Are you willing to make the demand of you to always be choosing greater possibilities for you?  Just because you can!!

This 6-part telecall series is facilitated by Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer.   If you are willing to create your life and living from a space of perceiving, knowing and being aware of your choices and contributions, your possibilities can be totally different!

Have you been asking for a totally different space with money and possibilities for your entire life?  Now is the time to choose new adventures that can create greater possibilities in all areas of your life…

Changing our planet requires YOU to be different!

What are you choosing?