Distractor Implant Telecall Series with Gary M. Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer


What if you could completely change the way you function in this reality and give you an ease of being you’ve never imagined possible? This could be your next step!



Product Information

Is now the time to stop being distracted from creating the future you truly desire? Is now the time be totally present and start LIVING?

Then this may be what you’re looking for! What if these six tele-classes completely could change the way you function in this reality and give you an ease of being you’ve never imagined possible?

One of the biggest things that limit us and runs our lives are the DISTRACTOR IMPLANTS: Anger, Rage, Fury, Hate; Blame, Shame, Regret, Guilt; Addictive, Compulsive, Obsessive, Perverted Points of View; Love, Sex, Jealousy; Peace; Life, Death, Living, Reality; Fear, Doubt; Business and Relationship.
(Phew! Deep breath!)

Here comes the good news: This is one of the EASIEST things to change. Most people just haven't had the tools before.

These are the discussion and the tools to change all of this, brought to you by the founder of Access, Gary Douglas, and Dr. Dain Heer.

With business, for example, a lot of people get to a point where they’re desperately trying to figure out how to do business. But it requires them to sit in judgment about it. They’re not actually trying to create a business—they’re trying to get the business right. So they get into busi-ness in, and they work so hard that they don’t notice when they’re failing. That way business is replacing living instead of being a contribution.

Love is another example. You fall in love and you give up all your awareness in favor of love. You have to be able to look at this person and see ‘How loving can this truly be?’ and ‘How great can this truly be?’ instead of being side-tracked and run by “I love this person so much!’.

All of the distractor implants are replacing living! Living is an action and having a life is a completion.

During these calls you’ll get clarity on this beyond what has ever been possible before. Would that expand your life?