Being You, Changing The World by Dr. Dain Heer


This is probably the weirdest book you've ever come across. It is written for the dreamers of this world -- the people who KNOW that something different is possible -- but who have never had the tools before. What if I told you that the tools exist? The possibilities you've always dreamed of are possible!

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A New Book by Dr. Dain Heer


A Handbook for Generating Infinite Possibilities and Dynamic Change

This is a very different book. It is written for the dreamers of this world -- the people who KNOW that something different is possible -- but who have never had the tools before. What if I told you that the tools exist? The possibilities you’ve always dreamed of are possible!

This is a guide for generating infinite possibilities and dynamic change. For you. And the world. It provides you with a set of PRACTICAL tools and processes which, if you use them, can change everything and give you YOU, as you truly be. It gives you a totally different perspective of BEING.

What if being you isn’t about doing something differently or being better? What if it is about BEING the energy you be, in totality? And what if that can change EVERYTHING? Your life, your relationships, your money situation. . . And the world!

What if --until now -- you just didn’t have the tools required? I know I didnt. Back in 2000, I was a seemingly successful chiropractor. But under the surface I was deeply depressed. It came to a point in time when I was ready to end it all. I gave the universe six months . . . And then, suddenly, out of nowhere, I came across something that changed my life -- Access Consciousness.

Access is a system for opening the doors to anything that is possible in this world. By giving you access to your knowing. By dynamically increasing you awareness. By including everything and judging nothing.

I am not a guru. I have no answers for you. Just questions. Only you know what is true for you. What I am inviting you to is to explore WITH me. My own path to consciousness is on-going, as is yours. I use these tools every day and I keep discovering what else is possible, every day. If youre willing, this book can guide you to Being You. And Changing the World. Is now the time?

Is this what you have been waiting for?


Book, Softback (Second Edition January 2012)

E-book (Coming January 2012)

Audio-book (Coming February2012)

Package of Change l: The Book, & Processes (mp3)

Package of Change ll:

The Book, & Processes & Energetic Synthesis of Communion(mp3)


 “You rocked my world with this book. I’m observing magical things. I AM AWARE that every single aspect of my life is transforming... I am 62, and really cannot remember a time in my life when I was not aware of and seeking what you talk about, in one way or another. Yes, this is the time for me. In all the experiences I have had the privilege of having, this seems to be the icing on the cake. I am just so very grateful.”   - Ann

“Thank you so much for having written this book… EVERYTHING you say resonated with lightness in my heart and for the first time in my life I feel that somebody understands me. My sense of my value has changed within the last 52 minutes while you were reading your first chapter. I cannot thank you enough....”   - Stefanie

“I am very grateful for you and for your new book. I bought if for my son and he had some challenging times in his life. (He has ADD, took Ritalin for a year, became a ‘zombie’ and didn’t want to live anymore, dropped out of school and didn’t seem to fit in any system.) He totally adored your book; he read it in one night. He told me he suddenly understood lots of things in his life. He even bought some drawing stuff and started drawing again.”   - Caro

“Thank you so much for writing this book and for doing it in the format you have. I have found it be my best friend when I can’t seem to get clear on multiple occasions and it is wonderful to see where I can use it to empower myself to live with more ease, joy and glory. I’m intensely grateful that you were courageous enough to do it YOUR way. It truly works for me. Without all the separations and small paragraphs, it would be nearly impossible for me to use it as the “Magical Book of Pragmatic Transformational Wisdom For Today” that it truly is.”   - Jason

“This was only chapter one and you had me giggling like a little girl, crying tears of letting go, joy and remembering who I truly am.”   - Cheryle