Access The Bars eGuide by Jolanta Swietorzecka


ZIP FILE DOWNLOAD. The Access eGuide to Running The Bars. This is a learning tool only and does not replace attending a live Bars class.

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Product Information

This is a learning tool only and does not replace attending a live Bars class.

The Access eGuide to Running The Bars is an easy-to-follow guide, based on Access Consciousness.

The Bars Dynamic Stress Reduction Technique is a simple, hands-on process that has been called the shortcut to clearing the mind, healing the body and achieving inner peace. This technique has been used by many people around the world who have experienced profound changes in their lives.  It is a safe, gentle, non-invasive procedure that leaves you not only feeling extremely peaceful and relaxed, but also in a more healthful, balanced state of being.  The Bars technique can bring more ease and joy into your life (and body) beyond anything you have ever imagined...

The eGuide is an incredible tool to introduce the Bars technique to others seeking change through greater consciousness.  Not only can it be used in the comfort of your own home, but it can be a dynamic visual presentation tool for Bars facilitators and practitioners. It can be a great demonstration piece at expos and conferences or a wonderful introductory display at wellness centers, health spas and professional service offices.  May the phenomenal Access Bars technique be a life-changing gift to you.


This easy and intuitive eGuide is designed to enable anyone to learn to give and receive a Bars session.  The eGuide will not only help you prepare for your Bars session, but will take you step-by-step through one possible 15-step Bar session sequence.  With just a few clicks of the mouse the user can navigate to any step in the Bars session and access a variety of descriptive images, text and audio* content explaining the process in a clear and simple manner.

System Requirements

The eGuide is an HTML-based application fully compatible with the following web browsers: Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Recommended for devices with a minimum screen resolution of 1024x750 pixels for optimal performance.  Although not specifically designed for mobile devices, the eGuide does work on certain larger display mobile devices running the web browsers listed above.  Note: For iPad, iPhone and Android mobile device users the audio feature is currently not available.