Deal & Deliver – Call & Transcripts


Deal & Deliver from the Conversations In Consciousness teleclass that can change everything with how you function in business and in life.

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Product Information

Deal & Deliver from the Conversations In Consciousness Teleclass with Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer

You get:

  • 1.5 hour call
  • Audio version of just the clearings
  • Transcripts of the call

This 1.5 hour call is about how to get clarity when you are making any kind of deal with someone. This can be in regards to your job, your business, your relationships, finding roommates and baby sitters, and anything where you're working with other people.

Pragmatic, practical and straighforward, this call gives you the kinds of questions you should be asking and the information you need to create what you would like in life.

So often we go into business with someone, yet do not specify who is doing what job, for how long, how everyone is getting paid, what happens when things do not go as planned. Most people are looking more at the excitement of what they would like to create as an end result. This can get messy really fast when everyone has expectations that are not getting met because not everyone was clear about what is expected from each person. What do you expect from the situation? What does the other person or people expect from the situation? Are you sure you are on the same page?

Getting clear on what you and each person is going to deliver makes sure the deals you make will work for you, or you will find out very quickly that it is not the right person or they can only do so much for you. With this information you know what the deal is, and what the deal is not.