Dimotiv ディモーティヴ ガード・スライダー エンジンプロテクティブカバー(Engine Protective cover) カラー:チタニウム:ウェビック  - 4d100

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Dimotiv ディモーティヴ ガード・スライダー エンジンプロテクティブカバー(Engine Protective cover) カラー:チタニウムカラー:ゴールドはこちら





NC750S 14-16 (dual clutch ver DCT not compatible)
NC750X 14-16 (dual clutch ver DCT not compatible)

PRODUCT FEATURES Crashing a bike, especially the Engine is a costly business.DIMOTIV Engine Protective Cover is one of the MUST HAVE accessory investment you can annex to your bike to prevent costly damage on the engine, that may have when you forget to kickstand, or misjudged and stepped off into a pothole or even flips or falls over while riding or travelling.Our outstanding Engine Protective Covers are separated in 2 parts Cover and Brackets, wherethe Cover is made of POM, which plays an important part absorbing and spreading out the force of the impact by letting the bike slide instead of natural stop, protecting effectively your engine.It has a high rigidity and low coefficient of friction, reducing the strong bumps and jumps of the crash.The force of the impact is not just lower down, but also it lowers the amount of total force, reducing the damage.Mounting kit consist in 3 brackets which had been assiduously researched, tested, engineered and stylishly designed to easily install in your bike, enhancing safety without affecting original parts and handling characteristics, in other words our brackets don’t any drilling or cutting, making as easier as possible.Our Brackets securely attached to the frame or engine case, are made of light weight 6061-T6 aluminum alloy harder and durable material, with a high coefficient of friction and ductility during the crash, it might deform but won’t break directly.During the deformed process the force of impact can be also dispersed.Anodized in 3 stylish color options GOLD, TITANIUM, or BLACK, and finished with a special transparent coating avoiding color loose under any weather conditions.DIMOTIV experienced R&D, made it clear that Engine Protective Cover should be mounted close enough but no directly attached on the engine about 1mm or less, giving it a buffer space to absorb and disperse the force of the impact by letting the bike slide instead of natural stop, such buffer space is through precise calculation, that the cover won’t damage the Engine during the contact to the ground, as a conclusion our sliders are the perfect length giving the sense of safety and protection.


【送料無料】フレーム Dimotiv ディモーティヴ DI-EPC-HO-04L+DI-EPC-HO-02R-T
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