Susanna Mittermaier

“The greatest gift for me is when people wake up from their illusions of limitations and receive themselves for the gift they truly are and go beyond the problems they have made real their whole lives.

I so enjoy when their eyes are starting to shine and their whole world lightens up and they become aware of who they truly are and they know what they are truly capable of!

What else is possible? What else can we create? What different reality can we be and create where we all step up and be all we be? What would be possible then? Oh, the joy!….You may say I am a dreamer… but I am not the only one…” – Susanna

Susanna facilitates sessions and classes in “Pragmatic Psychology” and Access ConsciousnessĀ® classes.

She tours the world to facilitate her sessions, classes and seminars.

“Pragmatic Psychology” are classes that invite to a different perspective on mental illness and on facilitating change. The classes are for people who have been diagnosed to have more ease with themselves, to get over the wrongness of them and to discover what they are truly capable of. The classes are also for the ones who diagnose, and people who work with facilitating change, doctors, socialworkers, therapists, teachers, parents. What if change and facilitating change was totally differnt than you thought it was? What do YOU know?

Susanna Mittermaier was born in Vienna, Austria and is working as a clinical psychologist in the psychiatric field in Sweden. Susanna has been treating clients for over 10 years. She started out as a psychologist using traditional psychotherapy. Always being on the creative edge and looking for effective methods, Susanna came across Access Consciousness in the year 2008. Her way of facilitating her clients changed completely. Susanna developed a totally new way of facilitating change as a psychologist.
What do people say….”You are the weirdest, most joyful psychologist I have ever met, I feel insanely sane! My world changed!”

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